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DBPOWER EX7000 Action Camera

DBPOWER EX7000 Review

DBPOWER EX7000 ReviewDBPOWER is a relatively new name in the market and they’re hoping to make an impact with their affordable range of camera-clad devices that compete directly with big names like GoPro. A noteworthy additional to their lineup is the EX7000 4K action cam. It features a powerful Panasonic sensor housed in a waterproof casing that features a touch screen, wifi, image stabilization and numerous other tech, making it a considerable choice in it’s price range.

Open up the minimal packaging and you’ll find a remote control, a battery, three mounts, some tools, adhesive and the necessary cables to get it running. Two cases are also included; a waterproof one and a more portable case, along with some literature.

There’s no microSD card to speak of, so you’ll have to pick one up yourself beforehand. DBPOWER recommends a 32GB class 10 card for optimal performance. If you already have one lying around, be sure to format it before sticking it into the camera.

The EX7000’s glossy black plastic build is relatively basic, adhering to the familiar compact rectangular case design. Up front you’ll find just the camera and some branding while the back is covered by the 2” TFT display. On the right side you’ll find the HDMI and USB ports, as well as the microSD card slot.

DBPOWER EX7000 Touch ScreenThe 2 inch TFT display may not win any awards for crystal-clear quality, but it does a good job playing back recordings. You can use the touch-screen to change settings, negating the need to connect to an external device and use additional software.

Overall, the EX7000’s build gets the job done. Its reasonably durable without any casing, but its recommended that you keep one on to avoid any scratches or dents, especially to the display.

Moving on to the camera itself, the 14MP Panasonic-made CMOS sensor is capable of recording 4K video at a respectable 25fps. Bumping the resolution down to 480p lets you record at 240fps, making for smooth slow-motion video. Just don’t expect it to look good on bigger displays. Depending on the situation, you can always half the framerate in exchange for HD video.

The 170º wide angle lens is placed under seven layers of optical glass, allowing you to record vast landscapes and scenic sunsets with ease. The 4x zoom makes it easier to capture long-distance shots, and there’s no fish-eye effect on the widest setting either, making it a suitable option for filmmakers on the go.

A large selling point with the EX7000 is it’s underwater capabilities. Paired with the included underwater case, you can dive as deep as 147 feet without the camera kicking out. There’s a diving preset on the camera that improves it’s recording quality by correcting the color distortion caused by water, allowing you to capture clear footage.

DBPOWER EX7000 wireless wristband

The included 1100 mAh battery is rechargeable and allows you to record up to an 90 minutes of footage on a single charge. While this does make it unsuitable for filmmakers looking for something that’ll last in the long run, you can always extend or even double the battery life by using a power bank. There are a numerous auto power off settings available to help push the camera a little further as well.

All of this is paired with built-in stabilization, a wide, low-light friendly aperture and capable post-processing software, making it clear that the EX7000 isn’t constrained by its low price point.

Included in the packaging is a 2.4G remote wristband, which seems to have become a necessity with new action cams. As usual, you can use it to start and stop recordings, as well as take photos without having to touch the camera. This makes it convenient if you have the camera mounted out of reach or you’re riding a bike. The watch itself maintains a relatively clean and slim profile, with each button distinguished from the other by different color paint.

If you do want to export videos and go through more settings, you can use the built-in WiFi to connect the EX7000 to the iSmart Pro camera app. With the app you can monitor videos in real time, playback older recordings and photos, as well as share them to social media straight from the app. The wireless connection works for up to a generous 65 feet.

If you want to play recordings on a larger display, there is an HDMI port to facilitate connections to a television.

Along with the wristband came numerous other tools and accessories, all of which would prove useful depending on your situation. At this price point, its a welcome addition to the packaging. DBPOWER prides itself upon providing a 24-hour after sales support service, further pushing the value-for-money concept.

Packing a great feature set in a quality build, the EX7000 is a worthy contender in it’s class.

Full Specs

Video: 4K 25fps, 2.7K 30fps, 1080P 60fps 30fps, 720P 120fps 60fps, 480p 240fps
Lens angle: 170 degrees
Picture: 14MP
Sensor: Panasonic CMOS
Screen: 2.0 TFT Touchscreen
Wireless: Yes, WiFi
Storage: microSD Card
USB: Yes
Battery: 1100mAh Rechargeable Li-ion
Waterproof: Yes, with included case
Model: EX7000

What’s in the box

DBPOWER EX7000 accessories

  • DBPOWER EX7000 4K Action Cam
  • 2.4G Remote Control
  • Battery (1)
  • Waterproof Case
  • Mounts: knuckle, spanner, lock bolt, 3M adhesive for curved, 3M adhesive for flat
  • Portable case
  • USB cable
  • User Manual

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DBPOWER EX7000 Sample Videos

Daytime video footage driving around town