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EKEN H9R Action Camera

EKEN H9R Review

EKEN H9R Action CameraEKEN is a tech brand has gained popularity in the East for their impressive cameras. The H9R is a waterproof action camera designed with versatility and value for money in mind. Featuring an impressive 4K sensor housed in a compact build, this action cam is suitable for anything from surfing to biking.

In the box you’ll find a multitude of accessories along with the camera, charging equipment and literature. Depending on which accessories you choose to include, you’ll get a remote, waterproof housing and numerous mounts for handle bars and helmets. What isn’t included is an SD card. EKEN recommends one with a 10 speed rating and at least 16GB of storage.

Starting with the build, the H9R is housed in a sturdy and compact polycarbonate shell with textured grips on each side. The front is home to the camera and power button while the back features the 2” display. Numerous buttons for the interface navigation are strategically placed on the top and side of the shell, along with ports for Micro SD cards, HDMI connections and USB charging. A small speaker also flanks the right side of the H9R’s case.

Moving onto camera itself, the H9R features a proprietary sensor capable of capturing 12MP stills and videos in up to 4K resolution. While the unit is relatively compact, the sensor doesn’t protrude too much from it’s housing, making it much easier to store.

If you’re looking to film slow-mo or simply have a smoother video, you can bump the resolution down to 720p to get 120fps and still maintain a crisp image. There are a variety of shooting modes available, from photo mode and burst photo to time lapse and loop recording.

Images are bright and crisp without being too sharp around the edges. The wide angle lens has an impressive 170 degree field of view. Overall, the sensor does a good job during the day but suffers somewhat in low light conditions.

EKEN H9R LCD ScreenWhat you film can be immediately viewed on the 2” FHD display found on the opposite side of the camera. You can also find the settings menu here, allowing you to customize and control the camera without the need for an external connection to another device. The display is clear and legible in sunlight, as well as not being too glossy.

The H9R is powered by two 1050 mAh batteries that provide up to two hours of recording on a single charge. Its great to see that rechargeable batteries are included at this price point, as many manufacturers opt for either non-rechargeable AAA cells or a non-removable battery. With the H9R you can at least use one battery for a quick recording while the other charges. There is also a charging dock included in the box.

Versatility is definitely a large focal point in the design of the H9R. The multitude of mounts included in the box make this action cam suitable for a variety of sports and activities. The handle bar mount lets you film while riding and the waterproof housing makes the H9R suitable for any sort of water sports. Most customers have reported that there was no fogging up when the camera was used underwater, which is rare at this price point. EKEN claims that the camera is capable of going down to 100 feet without sustaining any water or pressure damage, which is generally more than enough, even for divers.

EKEN H9R RemoteThe 2.4G remote control is another component to add to the array of accessories included in the box. It essentially poses as a small four-button interface that you can wear on your wrist with the attached velcro strap. It works from up to 33 feet away and can start or stop recordings, as well as being able to snap photos. Making the remote wearable makes sense in this case, as you’ll likely be doing something that requires both hands anyway. The only gripe here is that it could be a bit less chunky.

If you want to transfer your recordings onto another device, the process is as simple as removing the micro SD card and copying the videos. Unfortunately with this cam there doesn’t seem to be any software included, which means you’re limited to the settings found on the device itself.

Longevity wise, the multitude of accessories and extras along with the sturdy build of the casing makes this a pretty good contender for long term use. Batteries are easily rechargeable and the casing can be used outside of water activities for additional durability. Provided you have an SD card with a larger amount of storage or you transfer videos often enough, the EKEN H9R can also work well as a daily dash cam.

EKEN H9R Dimensions

Full Specs

Video: 4K 25fps
Lens angle: 170 degrees
Video Format: .MOV, H.264
Time Lapse: 2s/3s/5s/10s/20s/30s/60s
Picture: 12MP
Screen: 2″ LCD
Wireless: Yes, WiFi
Storage: microSD Card
USB: Yes
Battery: 1050mAh (1080p 30 1.5 hours, 4K 25/ 1080p 60 50 mins)
Waterproof: Yes, with included case. Up to 30M
Model: H9R

What’s in the box

EKEN H9R Accessories

  • EKEN H9R Action Camera
  • Waterproof housing case
  • 2.4G remote control
  • Charging dock
  • USB cable
  • Mini tripod
  • Handle bar mount
  • Helmet mounts (2)
  • Assorted mounts (5)
  • 1050mAh Batteries (2)
  • User Manual

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Sample Video

In motion video shot with the EKEN H9R action cam