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ThiEYE T5e 4K Action Camera

Review of ThiEYE T5e 4K Action Camera

ThiEYE T5e CameraThe rise of social media and sharing experiences has resulted in a significant increase in demand for affordable action cameras. ThiEYE hopes to tap into this demand with their own model. Equipped with a 4K wide angle sensor and custom application software, the T5e is a worthy competitor to the more well-known action cams of today.

Open the box and you’ll find the usual mounts, cables and literature. Also included is a removable battery, cleaning cloth and a waterproof case. You’ll need to purchase your own microSD card to store videos. ThiEYE recommends getting a larger and more powerful microSD card as the standard ones won’t cut it if you’re planning to record 4K video. Class 10 or UHS-I U3 with 64GB of storage should do.

The T5e is encased in a traditional rectangular body made of polycarbonate, finished in a brushed metallic look. You can get it in either a silver or black finish. Both have black rubber strips on the sides for increased grip. On the front you’ll find the lens and power button, as well as the WiFi and recording indicator LED’s. Flip it over and you’ll see the 2” display alongside the company’s logo.

On the right you’ll find the micro USB and HDMI ports, as well as the speaker and microSD card slot. The left side houses two navigation buttons. On top you’ll find the shutter and WiFi button, as well as a recording indicator light, while underneath is the threaded insert for mounts.

Thieye t5e waterproof caseThe star of the show is the Sony IMX117 sensor, which can record videos in up to 4K resolution at 30fps. Bumping the resolution down to 720p will give you a generous 240fps, which is more than sufficient to create smooth slow-mo videos. The wide angle lens has a 170 degree field of view, which could come in handy when recording larger landscapes. The Sony sensor can also capture 16 megapixel stills in a variety of photo modes, including single shooting, self-timer, bursts and time lapse. The latter of which can also be recorded as videos.

Post processing is done by the Ambrella A12S processor, which further improves images by reducing noise and blurriness. Electronic image stabilization is also included, which will automatically compensate for bumps and shakes to provide a more stable image. The included mount also absorbs a lot of the force caused by bumps. The end result clean and clear, regardless of whether its in a dust storm or 100 feet underwater.

This is all powered by a rechargeable and removable 1100 mAh battery. ThiEYE’s cell is capable of recording up to 70 minutes 4K footage and 100 minutes of 1080p footage on a single charge. While the amount of photos you can take before a recharge is not specified, it will likely last a day or two if you’re just using it to take pictures. This should be sufficient for most trips and its always possible to carry another battery along with you to record for even longer.

The camera does tend to run warm over longer periods due to the enclosed casing and powerful processor, so its recommended that you keep it well ventilated.

ThiEYE T5e LCD ScreenThe 2” TFT display on the other side lets you see what is being recorded, as well as check and configure settings. The panel feels sturdy enough to survive a few drops and with the rubber side grips, the T5e is less likely to suffer any significant damage to the display when taking a hit. You can watch recorded videos and hear them with the built in speaker, which while small, delivers enough volume to be audible in noisier areas.

If you’re looking to further configure the camera and watch recordings on devices that don’t have microSD slots, there’s ThiEYE’s smartphone app. Its a simple application that lets you view, edit and share your photos and recordings without needing to remove the microSD card from the camera. Its compatible with Android and iOS devices and works over WiFi.

For more extreme sports or underwater adventures, there’s the included waterproof case. The transparent housing is IPX8 certified and is capable of going down to depths of up to 197 feet. Its recommended to keep it on whether you’re filming underwater not as the case adds an additional layer of protection against bumps and scratches, especially to the display.

There are a variety of settings and customization options available that let you tune the camera to your liking, from resolution and framerate to time lapse intervals and the physical setup. The included mounts and accessories are versatile and can attach to almost any type of helmet, bike, backpack or drone. The camera is fairly easy to use and the settings app is easy to navigate. With 4K resolution recordings and an intuitive build, the THiEYE T5e is a serious contender at its price point.

Full Specs

Processor Type Ambarella A12LS75
Image Sensor Type 1/2.3” CMOS 16MP (Sony IMX117)
Effective Pixels Approx. 12 Mega Pixels (4000 * 3000)
Output Pixels Approx. 16 Mega Pixels
Lens Focal Length Lens f= 3mm
F No. F= 2.8
F.O.V(D) 170°(H=120° V=89°)
LCD Display 2” 960*240 dots matrix TFT LCD
Focusing Type Fixed
Exposure Control Programmed AE
Compensation ±2EV (0.33 EV steps)
ISO Equivalent Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
White Balance Auto / Cloudy / Daylight / Incandescent / D4000 / D5000 / D9000 / D10000 / Flash / Fluorescent / Water / Outdoor
Shooting Still Image Modes: Single Image up to 16M


3840*2160 30P、3840*2160 25P SuperView、2880*2160 30P、

2704*2028 30P、2704*1520 30P SuperView、2704*1520 30P、

2560*1440 60/30P、1920*1440 60/30P、1920*1080 120/100/60/30P、1920*1080 60/30 SuperView、1280*960 120/60/30P、

1280*720 240/200/120/60/30P、1280*720 120/30P SuperView


3840*2160 25P、3840*2160 25P SuperView、2880*2160 25P、

2704*2028 25P、2704*1520 25P SuperView、2704*1520 25P、

2560*1440 50/25P、1920*1440 50/25P、1920*1080 100/50/25P、

1920*1080 50/25 SuperView、1280*960 100/50/25P、

1280*720 200/200/100/50/25P、1280*720 100/25P SuperView

Audio Mic and Speaker (Mono) Equipped
Storage Media Internal memory: no internal memoryExternal memory: supporting UHS-I U3 Card up to 64GB
File Format Photo : JPEG

Audio : PCM 48KHZ 16bit

Video : H.264 High Profile Level 4.2 MP4

Image Size 16Mp 16M (4608 x3456)

14M (4254 x3264)

12M (4000 x3000)


5M (2560 x1920)

3M (2048 x1536)

Time Lapse Video OFF / 1 Seconds / 2 Seconds / 5 Seconds / 10 Seconds / 30 Seconds / 60Seconds
Photo Functions Self Timer :OFF / 2 Seconds / 3 Seconds / 5 Seconds / 10 Seconds / 30 Seconds / 60 Seconds
Photo Burst:OFF / 3 P/s / 5 P/s / 10 P/s
Time Lapse Photo:OFF / 3 Seconds / 5 Seconds / 10 Seconds / 30 Seconds / 60 Seconds
WiFi Support
Interface USB 2.0 : Recharging/File Transfer
Power Source Li-ion rechargeable Battery 1100mAh
Package Content T5e, Waterproof Housing, Micro USB Cable, 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery, Addtional Skeleton Backdoor, Wiper, 360º Quick Release Buckle, Flat Adhesive Mount, Adhensive Stickers x2, User Manual
Dimensions (W*H*D) L: 61mm, W:42mm, H:23 mm(with lens part will be 33mm)

What’s in the box

ThiEYE T5e Accessories

  • T5e Action Camera
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 1100mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Additional Skeleton Backdoor
  • Wiper, 360º Quick Release Buckle
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Adhesive Stickers (2)
  • User Manual

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Sample Videos

Ski video edit shot on the ThiEYE T5e

Travel adventure montage shot with the T5e